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The SOS on SMS

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Promotional text example from ShopStyle

Attentive is the shiny new kid from New York City when it comes to SMS or MMS marketing with a client list that includes Jack in the Box, Coach and Sephora. They recently received over $160 Million in investor funding from Sequoia, IVP, Bain capital entures, and Coatue which includes a $110 Million in Series C funding earlier this year. There are a slew of options out in the market including Postscript, TextMagic, SimpleTesting, ClickSend and Twilio just to name a few. Even ESPs like Klaviyo are jumping on the SMS bandwagon and offering it at an additional cost.

While each one will have fancy decks with impressive ROI numbers and case studies, what they won’t show is that most of the campaigns outside of automation do not yield great results. Costs are usually pennies or fractions of one however, it’s still more expensive than email. So why are brands even considering adding it into their Martech stack? Well, here are some of the benefits:

MMS using Postscript
  1. Promotional minded customers can’t sign up multiple times for the Welcome offer unless they have multiple phone numbers like they can with email.
  2. The texts won’t be landing into Spam or Junk folders or the dreaded Promotions Inbox for GMAIL.
  3. Texts will grab a User’s attention and feels more intimate than an email.
  4. If the platform has Chat capability, Users often use it to inquire about an order status as they do not separate Customer Service from Marketing. Postscript has an integration with Gorgias and Zendesk. If you don’t use either tool, they integrate with the popular workflow app Zapier and the chats can easily be forwarded to any preferred email address.
  5. The triggered automations do in fact work even if they cannibalize email automations.

Some additional points to consider are if the platform has enough customization to meet the brand’s needs for fonts, segmentations, a unique number, and integrations. Finally, with any usage of customer information, always be clear that message and data rates may apply, include a link to a privacy policy, verbiage on how a customer’s data will be utilized and how they can opt out of the list to avoid any violations of the TCPA act.

Tip: Consider adding a double opt-in journey for extra assurance.

One tactic to make promotional campaigns more successful is to use it sparingly and in times that Users are more likely to be on their phones. Leverage Google Analytics to figure out the best days and times for mobile traffic and revenue. Launch secret sales or send a reminder late morning on a Saturday or mid afternoon on a hump day. Analyze the Time to Purchase Lag Time to review the best day to send the ending soon reminder whether it should be two days, one day or same day.

When you sign up for Postscript with this link, enjoy unlimited text messages your first month. Any unused text messages roll over for one month!


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